North Star Cyber Security Privacy Policy

North Star Cyber Security’s privacy policy is simple and strong:

Any information we collect about you (like your name and email when you sign up for our newsletter) we may use to market our services and offers back to you, only.

Here’s a complete list of the data we collect about you:

  • When you sign up for our email list or free downloads, we capture your first name and email address;
  • We don’t currently use cookies, tracking pixels, or other invasive techniques (and there’s going to be an article HERE (soon!) about how to block that stuff from your computer).
  • We do keep track of the referral page that sent you to this site, but just for general web analytic geekiness; nothing more.

We don’t sell, trade, give away, or otherwise send any of your information to third parties without your consent.

Just. No.

Our partners almost certainly have different privacy policies. We heartily suggest you read them.

That’s it. Questions? Contact us.

Note: This policy is a living document. We’ll update it as we grow and change. We’ll keep you posted about that via email and social media.