Want remote work with flexible hours? No experience needed!


  • Straight-commission sales position
  • 20% account lifetime commission (paid monthly)
  • Remote team
  • You develop and manage your own territory


North Star Cyber Security is a very small startup with very big goals.

We provide managed cyber security services to very small businesses (1-10ish people).

We’re looking for people like you to find and connect us to small businesses that need help with cyber security.

You don’t need experience (we’ll teach you), and it’s very flexible. You choose your own hours and work from anywhere in the United States you like. 

You get 20% commission for every sale you make over the life of each account. 

The Details

We’re building a managed cyber security services company.

Our founder, AJ Van Beest, has a decade of experience in cyber security, and over that time, he’s seen tiny businesses getting left behind again and again. They just don’t have the dollars to interest traditional security shops.

AJ started North Star Cyber Security because he greatly admires small entreprenuers and wants to help them protect their businesses from getting destroyed by hackers.

We’ve helped a luthier (he built amazing electric guitars and basses!), a land surveying company, and a sauerkraut farm (not kidding; their kraut is the bomb!).

We’re growing our team, and need people like you who want to go out and find more of these awesome folks, connect with them, and help us help them out.

We’re looking for people who are willing to claim a territory (however they define it), prospect for clients, make connections, and provide a tremendous service to local small business community.

You can do this however it works for you: part-time or full time; days, nights, weekends; whatever you think works best.

And don’t worry about the “cyber security” part of things. We can help you learn how to talk about that easily enough.

Don’t worry about “sales” either. This isn’t high pressure, strong-arm tactics. We hate that stuff, and there’s no room for it our company.

We’re all about making genuine connections with people and seeing if we can give them actual, honest help. 

What’s in it for you? There’s money, of course: We’ll pay you a commission of 20% of the client’s spend every month, for as long as they use our services.

What does “20%” look like? If you get someone to sign one computer up for the “Gold” package, that’s $20 in your pocket. Every month they use our services, it’s another $10 to you. My current average client lifetime is 18 months, so that’s $200 per computer.

If you have a good month, and get 20 clients, each with 5 computers signed up, you’re looking at $2,000 in hand for the first month, and $1,000 per month after that. And it’ll keep growing as you add more clients.

We’re also really flexible: Work whatever hours you want, wherever you want. Want to take some time off? No problem. As long as your clients are using our services, you’ll keep getting monthly payments. Looking for something on the side? This is that thing!

Finally, a less tangible, but arguably the most important benefit of working with us is a sense of using our powers for good. We’re not just getting paid well; we’re making our communities stronger and healthier in the process. 

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